WSBWCN-giant-logocurrentOur purpose in establishing the West Seattle Block Watch Captains’ Network is to help Block Watch captains throughout West Seattle connect with each other. We also hope to revitalize the Block Watch program!

This effort had 3 co-founders: Deanie Schwarz, Deborah Greer, and Karen Berge. We launched this group in early 2010. As of our 2nd year, Deborah and Karen continue to lead the group; Deanie moved on to focus on other projects.

The West Seattle Block Watch Captains’ Network group meets monthly on most 4th Tuesdays (with occasional time off in the summer and over the winter holidays). Click the “WSBWCN meetings” link in the sidebar for more information about our meetings.

You can find our group on Facebook at West Seattle Block Watch Captains’ Network. We currently have 250+ members there! If you’d like to join us, just sign up for a free Facebook account; then find our group page.  We have posted some additional information about privacy settings there (with the Discussion topics) that should help you get started. Look for us on Twitter @wsblockwatchnet.

If your block or neighborhood doesn’t have an organized Block Watch yet, or if you aren’t sure whether it does, you can find more information about how to get started on this WSBWCN-general-info-flyer.

Questions? Comments? You can reach us via email, at wsblockwatchnet@gmail.com.

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  1. The Fauntleroy Community Association (FCA) would like to establish a way to immediately get the word out when prowling, break ins, etc. occur in our community. Presently, the only connection between neighborhoods is people who contact friends in adjoining neighborhoods, which isn’t particularly efficient. We are thinking in terms of posting to Block Watch captains in the “Greater Fauntleroy” community, who would in turn, alert their block. Is such a quick-broadcast network already in place through this site, for all of West Seattle? (I have found police reports, but not immediate neighborhood alerts/descriptions of suspicious behavior, suspects & cars, etc.)

    I have been in contact with Mark Solomon, Crime Prevention Coord., SPD, about this, and he indicated that he would pursue it after SeaFair. I don’t want to duplicate something that’s already in place, but would like to tap into it, or organize it, whether it is limited to “Greater Fauntleroy,” or includes all of West Seattle.

    Susan Lantz-Dey

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