More about outbuilding thefts…

As we alluded to in our recent post about the May Crime Prevention Newsletter, the info was very timely. Since Jennifer published her newsletter, our block has had two outbuilding thefts as well as a car theft!

Am posting about this not just to say “Enough already!” — though that’s how most of us feel — but rather to share two pieces of useful information that resulted when we shared the news with neighbors.

The first is a picture we received as a follow-up that shows damage to the lock that was breached on their detached garage.



The second piece of information is about a bicycle registry, since one of the stolen items was a bicycle: “Put your bikes on if you haven’t. We recovered a stolen bike via Bike Index earlier this year.”

Lastly, the car theft in our neighborhood was captured on video by a neighbor who has submitted it to SPD, but who doesn’t want their footage distributed more broadly. Our key takeaway after seeing the video is that it took just over 30 seconds for the person to show up at the vehicle, enter the vehicle (presumably with a shaved key), get it running, and drive off. He looked like an ordinary guy – white, with backpack; someone could have easily mistaken him for a student.