SDOT seeks neighborhood input on traffic safety

Mark Solomon, our Crime Prevention Coordinator, sent us the following this week.

From: Solomon, Mark []
Sent: Thursday, February 2, 2017 3:49 PM
To: Solomon, Mark <>
Subject: Traffic Safety in your Seattle Neighborhood

Dear Community Friends,

I forward the following message to you on behalf of the Seattle Department of Transportation.



Subject: Traffic Safety in your Seattle Neighborhood

Dear Community Friends:

Greetings from Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT).  In an effort to better serve our diverse communities in Seattle, SDOT often reviews their policies and programs through Seattle’s Racial Equity Toolkit.  The Racial Equity Toolkit process relies heavily on feedback from external stakeholders and community input from people like you.

Below is a link to a very brief (5-minute) questionnaire about the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program. The questionnaire is only one of several ways we are gathering input from community stakeholders. Our hope is to better understand the community’s interest in the program, what their experience has been, and get a general idea of barriers and benefits in certain aspects of the program.


Thank you in advance for your valuable time.  The toolkit process will complete in a couple of months at which time we will share the final recommendations.

Warmest regards,

Shauna Walgren

Neighborhood Traffic Operations

Seattle Department of Transportation


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