Come see us tomorrow at Delridge Day and the SW Precinct Picnic!

We won’t be in two places at once…Delridge Day and the SW Precinct Picnic are being held jointly this year, tomorrow (Saturday, August 17th) from 11 – 4 at the Delridge Community Center and in the adjacent park and Delridge Skatepark. We’ve participated in both Delridge Day and the Precinct Picnic for the past several years – should be a great combination!

We’ll be among the 75+ exhibitors, vendors and community groups particpating. You’ll also find wonderful music, entertainment, and food! Here’s the schedule. The SW Precinct (further south on Delridge, at 2300 SW Webster Street) will be offering precinct tours from 1 – 4 PM. In previous years, the Precinct Picnic has always been a great venue for kids in that it gives them an opportunity to talk to the officers, see cool robotics technology, etc.

This is our (West Seattle Block Watch Captains’ Network’s) last scheduled community outreach event for the year, so stop by to pick up free printed materials and/or learn more about our group. We have free coloring books for kids of varying ages; this includes the ‘brand new’ 9-1-1 coloring book from King County for very young kids featuring Emory the emergency penguin. We also have a wide assortment of new safety-related informational materials from the Seattle Neighborhood Group and the Seattle Office of Emergency Management, many of them available in multiple languages.

We hope to see you there!

Summer update

I know some of you are wondering about the timing of our next meeting. Deanie, Karen and I have discussed it and decided to wait until sometime in Sept. Most people have so much going on during the nice weather; meetings in July and August are not usually well-attended. In addition, BW Captains are busy …with the big “Night Out” event coming up in less than 2 weeks on Aug 3!

In between meetings, we have been working on outreach at several of the summer events, including reFRESH/Sustainable WS Festival, Morgan Junction Festival, Junction Health Fair, and the West Seattle Summer Festival (thanks to Darren Pilon for his help at Summer Fest). Our next outreach event is the SW Precinct Picnic on Sat, Aug 21, 2010 – 1:00pm. See you there!

Thanks to all of you for your individual efforts to promote the Blockwatch Captains’ Network!

On behalf of the WSBWCN,
Deb Greer