Night Out block parties

Hope that those of you who held block parties on August 3rd had a great time! West Seattle Blog has 3 photo-filled reports of the Night Out block parties:


Night Out is tonight! Help with outreach!

If you are able to help spread the word about our West Seattle Blockwatch Captains’ Network at block parties this evening, please do! 

Attached is a copy of our mini-flyer that you can use for this purpose. It has 4 flyers per sheet, one to distribute to each of your neighboring blocks!

Our full-size flyers that include information about forming a Blockwatch were posted earlier. If you wish, we will gladly email you .pdf versions of these flyers.

Blockwatch Captains Network mini-flyers

Blockwatch Captains Network mini-flyers (.jpg format)

Interested in outreach during Night Out?

Deanie posted the following on our Facebook group page; I’m cross-posting here for those who aren’t on Facebook.

Outreach for Night Out!

Appealing to anyone willing and able to assist in canvassing the peninsula looking for Captains who have not yet heard about the Network. I feel somewhat compelled to do this, but more ground would be covered than just hunting by my lonesome. Dividing and conquering would be more effective. Ok,… probably not going to conquer. A little bump in sign ups to our Network? I’ll settle for that.

A couple of people would be great – just have to be a) somewhat into crashing parties and b) ready to burn up a bit of gas.

Reply to:
Subject line: “Night Out Mission”

Thanks to all! And have a great time!!!

We can get you printed copies of the Blockwatch Captains’ Network flyers, or you can download them from our site if you want to  print your own. We’d love to get the word out to more Block captains & Night Out provides us an easier way to find them!