New Community Safety information from SPD and SDOT

We are passing along the following notes and attached .PDF files from Crime Prevention Coordinator, Jennifer Burbridge. We received this first one last Friday, September 1st.

Hello all,

Attached is the SW Precinct’s September community newsletter (in word and PDF forms), focused on traffic, pedestrian and bicycle safety – especially how it related to children going back to school. I have also attached an informational handout from the Seattle Department of Transportation.

Please feel free to distribute this information to your family, friends, neighbors, community groups and co-workers!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.
Happy Labor Day weekend 🙂

We’ve embedded them below in .JPG format, as well as included her original .PDF versions: September 2017 Newsletter_ SW Precinct and Pedestrian.Bicycle Safety Flyer_SDOT.

Community Safety Newsletter – September 2017 – page 1 of 2

Community Safety Newsletter – September 2017 – page 2 of 2

Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety flyer from SDOT


The following note and attached information arrived from Jennifer in mid-August while we were on summer hiatus.

Good morning!

With summer still in full swing, the SW Precinct wanted to remind our community members of some important burglary prevention tips!

Attached is a burglary crime prevention bulletin and below are some important points to think about. Also, please remember if you are interested in a free safety/security assessment of your home and/or business – please contact me, your SW Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator at or (206) 256-6820.

Here is the information in .PDF format: Burglary prevention email newsletter and Burglary Crime Prevention Bulletin.

Hope you find this information helpful!


Holiday Season Safety Tips from SPD

We received the note below and the attached informational flyer this week from Jennifer Burbridge, Research Analyst who is on assignment with the SW Police Precinct.

Hello SW Precinct community groups and community members, 

Attached is a new holiday safety crime prevention bulletin (attached in both PDF and JPEG form)! Captain Davis and I would very much appreciate this bulletin getting distributed to your community groups, listserves, neighbors and families.

We often see an increase in package thefts around the holiday season- and we would like to make sure we provide our community with this very important information and prevention techniques.  

Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions!

Thank you so much for you assistance in getting this important information out to our community.

-Jennifer Burbridge

(206) 684-4138

Seattle University Graduate Research Analyst

Micro-Community Policing Plans

Seattle Police Department- SW Precinct

As she notes, please share this information! Here is the holiday-safety-bulletin flyer in .PDF format, and below as a graphic.




Holiday Safety information from SPD

We received this new Public Safety newsletter from Crime Prevention Coordinator, Mark Solomon, today. Please take a moment to share with family, friends, and your neighbors — as well as with any of your visitors who come from outside of Seattle.


Seattle Police Email Newsletter – November 30 2016 – page 1 of 2


Seattle Police Email Newsletter – November 30 2016 – page 2 of 2


Here’s the Holiday Safety newsletter in a more printable .pdf format.

More on car prowls and package thefts from Mark Solomon

Passing along the latest email we received today from Mark Solomon, our community’s Crime Prevention Coordinator.

Seatttle Police Newsletter - December 2015


Here’s the email from Mark Solomon in .pdf format: Seatttle Police Newsletter – December 2015. You can find his earlier newsletter about this topic here.

New SPD community safety newsletter has timely info!

Our community’s Crime Prevention Coordinator, Mark Solomon, sent out a new newsletter this week.

We’ve also attached this newsletter it in .pdf format, so you can print and share it!
Seattle Police Email Newsletter, October 2015

If you missed Mark’s presentation at our October meeting, you can find a brief recap here; as well, you can find his recommendations for arson prevention here.

Info from Seattle Police about the recent arsons in West Seattle

I know many of us are anxiously following reports in the West Seattle Blog and other local media about the recent arsons in our community.

Mark Solomon, our  Crime Prevention Coordinator from SPD, sent us the following update about the incidents this afternoon. Please share this information with your friends and neighbors. Click here for a printable .pdf version.

Arson information from Mark Solomon, page 1 of 2

Arson information from Mark Solomon, page 1 of 2

Arson information from Mark Solomon, page 2 of 2