Follow-up from our April meeting

Thanks to those of you who participated in our meeting on Tuesday! It was nice to see some new faces in the room, as well as returning participants. Many thanks also to Jennifer Burbridge, Captain Pierre Davis, and Lt. Steve Strand for their presentations and input this month.

Following up, one of the questions that came up during the discussion was about how to obtain Block Watch signs and the regulations for placement of those. A question was also posed before the meeting about how to step down from a Block Watch Captain role. All of these are addressed on this page, Becoming a Block Watch Captain.  (The “Block Watch Toolkit” that I recalled from some years ago is no longer online.)

Announcements included:

  • Two emergency preparedness events are being held concurrently on Saturday morning, April 29th.
  • The 5th Annual West Seattle Bee Festival is coming up on Saturday, May 20th. Our organization will have a booth there, and some of the CPT officers from SW Precinct will be on hand with their mobile precinct.
  • Our next WSBWCN monthly meeting will be on Tuesday, May 23rd. Officer Todd Wiebke will be our guest speaker. We hope you will be able to join us!

West Seattle Blog has posted coverage of the meeting here.



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