Bulletins about burglaries and car prowls from Seattle Police

We received an email alert from Jennifer Burbridge at the SW Precinct this week with two crime prevention bulletins.  We are passing them along. Please do so as well!

Jennifer wrote:


Hello all,

Attached are two crime prevention bulletins – one for burglary and one for car prowl. Burglaries (both residential and non-residential) and car prowls continue to be significant crime issues throughout the city of Seattle and the SW Precinct is no exception.

We at the SW Precinct would like to provide you with these crime prevention bulletin to hopefully, not only help provide a better understanding of what these crimes are, but also provide you with some very important prevention techniques.

Please distribute and post these to your neighbors, families, friends and community groups.

Burglary Bulletin (.pdf format)

Car Prowl Bulletin (.pdf format)

Let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns!

Jennifer Burbridge

(206) 684-4138

Seattle University Graduate Research Analyst

Micro-Community Policing Plans

Seattle Police Department – SW Precinct


We’ve also included these files as graphics below.

Burglary Bulletin


Car Prowl bulletin 2016


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