Bike Patrol and Cypercrime presentation highlights

WSBWCN-giant-logocurrentOur meeting last Tuesday focused on two topics that we hadn’t explored in detail before. We learned about the expanded Bike Patrol from SPD Sgt. Jim Britt; he explained the advantages and effectiveness of having officers on bikes. Community Police Team (CPT) Officer, Jon Kiehn spoke about various types of Cybercrime and precautions that people can take to deter or prevent it.

The West Seattle Blog has posted meeting coverage here.

As well, we took a few photos from the meeting and are including them below.

photo of Sgt. Jim Britt during the Bike Patrol presentation at West Seattle Block Watch Captains' meeting

Sgt. Jim Britt, who oversees the SPD Bike Patrol, with one of the patrol bikes and gear


Close-up photo of the SPD bike and gear

SPD Bike Patrol bike and gear

photo of Officer Jon Kiehn

Community Police Team (CPT) Officer Jon Kiehn talks Cybercrime

As always, many thanks to the presenters and to all of you who attended!

Our next West Seattle Block Watch Captains’ Network meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 28th (we meet on 4th Tuesdays, most months), 6:30 – 8 PM. Will post the agenda as soon as it’s finalized.


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