Message from SPD regarding recent West Seattle events

We received the following today via Mark Solomon, our Crime Prevention Coordinator.

Dear Community Friends,

Please read the message below from Southwest Precinct Commander, Captain Steve Wilkse.

I wanted to update everyone on a series of incidents we have had occur here in the last week, as I have had a lot of folks express concerns, as well as the desire to keep everyone up on significant events.

We have had a total of 5 theft/strong arm robberies since January 15th, most targeting younger victims that range in age from @14 to 18.  The items taken are personal electronics, either laptops, pads or cell phones.  The two most recent  happened along California Ave SW, with the others in the areas of 6500 42nd SW,  36th SW and Myrtle and 26th SW and Thistle.

Based on what we currently know about the incidents, there may be a connection between two of the cases.  Several of the others appear to be stand-alone incidents that have not been repeated in the area.

We have distributed what info we have to the patrol officers so they can be aware of the incidents and suspect descriptions, and they are spending the time they can in the areas most commonly used by students as they travel to and from school.  The precinct detectives are working the cases, and they will have access to any and all resources of the precinct, and we will draw in more department resources if they need them.

I will update you as things progress, but wanted you to know that we are aware of this and working on it as a priority.  I have cc’ed Mark Solomon on this email, and he will and also be sending out some safety information.  Please feel free to distribute this as you think appropriate


Captain Steve Wilske
Southwest Precinct

As the Captain noted, I’m including some personal safety and robbery response tips (attached below) with this email that we hope you will find useful.  Please share with your friends, neighbors and families.

Thank You,

Mark Solomon
Crime Prevention Coordinator
South & Southwest Precincts

Phone: 206-386-9766

Seattle Police Department
3001 S. Myrtle St
Seattle, WA 98108

Personal Safety-Robbery Prevention & Response (.pdf version)





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