We enjoyed Delridge Day 2014 and the SW Precinct Picnic!

Thanks to those of you who dropped by our booth yesterday – it was fun to see friends and meet new people in the community! We especially enjoyed having the opportunity to meet the new Seattle Police Chief, Kathleen O’Toole.

We also enjoyed talking with SW Precinct Commander, Captain Steve Wilske, as well as several others from the SW Precinct. As we noted earlier, the SW Precinct Picnic is an informal setting in which community members can meet and learn more about the police department. It was interesting to see the Seattle Police Department special units including the bomb squad (which had a robot dispensing lollipops) and the dive rescue unit. The horses from the mounted patrol unit were quite popular.

Here are photos and coverage of this event from the West Seattle Blog and the West Seattle Herald.

And, here’s a photo we took of our booth (during a bit of a lull). As you can see, it was a gorgeous day!


Our West Seattle Block Watch Captains’ Network booth at SW Precinct Picnic & Delridge Day 2014


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