Mark your calendars for Delridge Day and the SW Precinct Picnic!

We received word this week that Delridge Day and the SW Precinct Picnic are being held jointly again this year! This great combined event will be Saturday, August 9th from 11 AM – 4 PM at the Delridge Community Center and in the adjacent park and Delridge Skatepark. Come enjoy wonderful music, food, and other activities!

Look for us among the many exhibitors, vendors and community groups. This is our (West Seattle Block Watch Captains’ Network’s) last scheduled community outreach event for the summer, so stop by to learn more about our organization and/or pick up free printed materials.

We still have free 9-1-1 coloring books from King County for kids of varying ages! One version for kids who can read is bilingual (English and Spanish), the other for younger kids features “Emory, the emergency penguin”. We also have a wide assortment of safety-related informational materials from the Seattle Neighborhood Group and the Seattle Office of Emergency Management, many of them available in multiple languages.

Following is some additional information we received about the Seattle-area Precinct Picnics:

It’s summer and time for ‘Picnics in the Precincts’!

The picnics provide “great opportunities for people to be introduced to the department in a relaxed, non-law enforcement environment, meet their local police officers, enjoy free food, entertainment and raffle prizes, and get information on how to get involved in preventing crime in their community. We also are excited for everyone to meet our new Police Chief, Kathleen O’Toole!” (For more information see attached flyer.)

2014 Precinct Picnics flyer

2014 Precinct Picnics flyer


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