More about what happens to stolen property…

Many thanks to SPD Detective Everett Edwards for his information-packed presentation about stolen goods at our March 25th meeting!  


For those of you who missed it or would like a quick recap and some additional information, see the links below.


Our key takeaways:

  • Check the pawn shops 30 days after the thieves have likely pawned the items. Before then, the items aren’t allowed to be displayed publically.
  • Do look online on pawn shop websites, as they may “pre-sale” items that are subject to the 30-day hold, even though those items aren’t yet available.
  • Craigslist, Ebay, Amazon, etc. are also very good places to search since the pawn shops are under more scrutiny than they are.
  • If you see your items in a pawn shop, on Craigslist or another site,  notify the police (don’t try to confront the seller yourself).

While many stolen goods are recovered, they are often not always reunited with those who have lost them because of the following.

  • Do you have photos of your jewelry and other non-serialized items? These can help with recovery, especially if your items have any distinctive marks on them.
  • What is unique about your stolen items? A less-than-honest pawn shop could just generically describe a gold ring that has been pawned; if your missing gold ring is engraved or somehow visually identifiable from other gold rings, a photo and a more detailed description can help with getting it back.
  • Did the burglars get your electronics too? For insurance purposes, as well as for recovery purposes, it’s helpful to store serial numbers and photos of your property “in the cloud” or somewhere other than on a computer that could be taken in a burglary.

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