Video clip of mail prowler in Highland Park

Yesterday, the West Seattle Blog published six crime-related stories, including a video clip from a Highland Park resident whose surveillance camera recorded someone prowling mailboxes.  Since our community is being hit so hard by mail and package thefts, we wanted call it to your attention if you hadn’t seen it.

The link to the story is here; scroll down to the 5th item (the 2nd video) for the footage of the mail prowler. Note that you can find all of West Seattle Blog’s crime-related coverage on the Crime Watch page of their site; you’ll note there are many other reports of mail and package thefts.

One of our WSBWCN meetings this year focused on ways to combat mail theft; if you missed it, you can find the coverage (including video) here.

[Added 1/15/14]  Noticed this week that the West Seattle Blog has published new video footage of seemingly different mailbox prowlers at the same location.  As  you know, we don’t report all instances of crime here on our site…but are adding this in case any of you can identify these people. As well, this underscores how quickly mail theft can happen.


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