Remember: no WSBWCN meetings in November or December!

Just wanted to post a reminder that we, West Seattle Block Watch Captains’ Network (WSBWCN), will not have monthly meetings this month or next. The primary reason for this is because our 4th Tuesday meeting day falls very close to the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  Our next monthly meeting will be on Tuesday, January 28th, 6:30 – 8 PM at the SW Police Precinct (2300 SW Webster Street, Seattle, 98106). We look forward to seeing you then!

Note that the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council (WSCPC), which meets on 3rd Tuesdays at the same location, does have a meeting this month; it’s tomorrow, 7 – 8:30 PM.  The agenda is posted on the WSCPC website.

Although our organization doesn’t meet in person this month or next, we encourage you to communicate with each other via our Facebook group, which now has over 200 members! We’ll continue to post any items of interest there, as well as here, during our downtime.


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