Follow-up: neighborhood emergency preparedness resources

Great to see such a good turnout and so many new new faces at our October meeting about emergency preparedness! As promised, here’s a follow-up with links to a few of the resources that we mentioned in the presentation.

Block Watch groups can be a great foundation for emergency preparedness!

  • You already know each other; communication channels are established and ready to use. Knowledge of your neighborhood exists; some resources and skills are already known. Vulnerabilities can be addressed before a disaster. Typical hazards can be pre-identified; gas shutoffs can be mapped, etc.
  • Neighbors can cut costs and avoid redundancy if they come together to plan and prepare. Specialty resources can be pooled and shared (not everyone needs to own a generator, ladders or chainsaws). Grants from the Department of Neighborhoods are often available to help neighborhoods prepare.

[Added, 10/26/13:]  The video that we showed during the meeting was from the Map Your Neighborhood program noted above. If you didn’t pick up a copy of the DVD at the meeting, go to the “MYN Resources to Download” link to find instructions about how to request one.

As well, you’ll find many other useful preparedness videos by the Washington State Emergency Management Division here, and you can find links to the CERT and Citizen Corps information here.


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