Our January monthly meeting is this Tuesday, the 22nd!

WSBWCN-giant-logocurrentOur January meeting of the West Seattle Block Watch Captains’ Network is next Tuesday, 1/22. We are starting the new year with a great agenda!

Our new/returning SW Precinct Captain, Joe Kessler will stop by to meet us. He will talk to us a little about his priorities and you’ll have a chance to ask him questions.

After that, the main discussion topic for the meeting will be residential Surveillance Cameras. We see growing use of these cameras in our area since costs for them have decreased and they make it easy to document activities around our homes/neighborhood and offer the ability to retro-actively lookup information after a crime has been committed.

I’m looking for more people who are knowledgeable about the technologies that are available and/or what to look for when buying and installing this equipment to participate in a panel discussion or provide a demo.  If you are that person, or you know of someone who could, please contact me so I can expect you:  wsblockwatchnet@gmail.com.

Meeting details & full agenda

Tuesday, January 22, 2012,  6:30-8 PM
SW Police Precinct, 2300 SW Webster Street (at Delridge Ave SW, next to Home Depot)

6:00-6:30        Arrive early for light snacks, socializing and networking with each other while we set up the room!

6:30-7:15        Introductions, updates, announcements.  Capt. Joe Kessler will stop by!

7:15-8:00        Security/Surveillance Cameras for residential use.

8:00-8:30        Feel free to stay after the meeting to continue your discussions.

Everyone is welcome, even if you aren’t a Block Watch Captain! RSVP is appreciated, but not necessary to attend.  You can email us at  wsblockwatchnet@gmail.com or phone us at 206-424-0040.

Hope to see you there!  


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