Need materials for your Night Out events?

Tomorrow (Tuesday, 7/31) is a second opportunity to pick up Night Out materials for your neighborhoods (for those of you who missed the first opportunity at our June meeting).

We have materials for adults as well as materials for kids.  The adult materials include information about crime prevention and emergency preparedness, and WSBWCN ‘No Soliciting’ signs (to make it more difficult for strangers to case your house).  The bags for kids contain fun items: 9-1-1 stickers and coloring books.

We have some of the materials (including the personal safety brochure) in multiple languages, so you can customize the bags to include those as well.

Stop by the SW Precinct meeting room between 11 AM & 1 PM. The materials aren’t collated/assembled yet…if you can help with that show up at 11 AM or thereabouts. If you just want to pick up preassembled materials and go, show up a little later than 11 or you’ll have to assemble/collate your own.

NEW:  If you picked up materials in June – feel free to come back if you want “Respect” booklets from SPD; these are targeted toward older youth and cover many topics concerning laws.

First come, first served, until we run out.

[Update: For those of you who don’t know, the address for the SW Precinct is 2300 SW Webster Street, Seattle 98106. It’s located adjacent to the Home Depot store on Delridge.]


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