Donations needed!

As we mentioned previously, the upcoming Block Watch Captains’ Appreciation Party is being partially funded with a Small Sparks matching funds grant from the Department of Neighborhoods. Our group, the West Seattle Blockwatch Captains’ Network (WSBWCN) is responsible for matching the grant money with donations (money, food, materials, services and/or volunteer hours). Are you able to help with a donation?

If you can help, details about how to contribute and our wish-list of what is needed are in this  attached letter, WSBWCN_donation-information. The letter also explains the purpose of the party and the mission of our group in more detail. Any donations are tax deductible!

Thank you for considering our request. We are excited about organizing and hosting this event, as we feel it will benefit our community as well as individual Block Watch Captains. This party and recognition is a small thank-you gesture for the ongoing work that they do; as well, it is a wonderful opportunity for the Captains to meet all together in person and network with each other.


One thought on “Donations needed!

  1. I will donate a door/raffle prize item: bottle of 2010 Yakima Valley Chardonnay, bottled by the Northwest Wine Academy at South Seattle Community College.

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