Join us on Tuesday, September 27th for our 1st fall meeting!

Is your Blockwatch group or neighborhood taking advantage of the Neighborhood Matching Funds that are available?  Do you know the difference between a Small Sparks grant and a Small and Simple grant? Have you heard that the current cycle of the Small and Simple grants has an emphasis on (but is not limited to) Emergency Preparedness? 

The West Seattle Blockwatch Captains’ Network resumes our monthly meetings on September 27 after the summer hiatus.  The featured presentation will be a special workshop by the Department of Neighborhoods Matching Funds staff, Laurie Ames and Garry Owens, who will provide details about the Neighborhood Matching Fund (NMF) program (building on the short presentation about grants that we had at our June meeting). They’ll explain the grant application process, deadlines and other project milestones; and most importantly, describe how to develop a competitive proposal for any NMF-eligible project.

The current cycle of the Small and Simple Grants, which does have an emphasis on Emergency Preparedness, has an application deadline of October 17, 2011. Below are some potential ways that you might use a matching funds grant:

  • Organize your Blockwatch group or neighborhood to purchase emergency supplies
  • Organize and participate in emergency preparedness training with neighbors and community members
  • Organize an effort to support community members who may not be prepared due to age, language barriers, cultural isolation, literacy challenges and/or low levels of civic participation
  • Organize a community event to promote emergency preparedness in your community

Other Announcements:

  • We are looking for volunteers to help us plan our first Blockwatch Captains’ Appreciation Day, tentatively scheduled for October. Please email us at or call 206-424-0040 if you’d like to be on the planning committee.  We have obtained a $1,000 Small Sparks Matching Funds Grant for this event!

Meeting details & agenda
Tuesday, September 27, 2011,  6:30-8 PM
SW Police Precinct, 2300 SW Webster Street (at Delridge, next to Home Depot)
6:00-6:30         Arrive early for light snacks, socializing and networking with other Captains while we get the room set up!
6:30-7:00         Updates and announcements:  New online tools, Blockwatch Captains’ Appreciation Day, New  Attendees, Other Announcements.
7:00-8:00         Neighborhood Matching Fund presentation by Laurie Ames and Garry Owens.
8:00-8:30         Feel free to stay after the meeting to continue your discussions.
Everyone is welcome, even if you aren’t a Blockwatch Captain.  Hope to see you there!

Deborah Greer

On behalf of the West Seattle Blockwatch Captains’ Network (WSBWCN)


Phone: 206-424-0040




Monthly Meeting:  4th Tuesday 6:30-8 PM, SW Police Precinct Meeting Room (2300 SW Webster)


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