Great agenda for our March 22nd WSBWCN meeting!

Do you think of crime prevention in terms of deadbolts on doors and locks on windows? There are more farreaching options, such as Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). 

What is CPTED?  It refers to a group of strategies intended to reduce the fear of crime and the opportunities to commit crimes such as breaking and entering, assault and vehicle theft. The principles of CPTED are used by police, landscape designers, architects, city planners and many others to make parks, properties and neighborhoods more crime-resistant.  

Come learn about the principles of CPTED and how to apply them to your building or property or neighborhood. Community Police Team (CPT) Officer Jonathan Kiehn, who conducts CPTED training, will offer specific strategies to make your neighborhood less crime-friendly; he’ll share some success stories that have resulted from the implementation of CPTED principles. 

After the presentation you will also have an opportunity to ask specific questions about your own home, business, local park or neighborhood. Bring a photo and get a mini-consult on what you can do to improve your safety!  Kelly McKinney, from Seattle Neighborhood Group, and others who have implemented the CPTED principles, will also be on hand to answer your specific questions.

As well, Officer Kiehn has offered to conduct a future CPTED walking tour of a West Seattle home, park or neighborhood for our West Seattle Blockwatch Captains’ Network group; you can sign up for the tour after our meeting!

Meeting details & agenda

Tuesday, March 22, 2011,  6:30-8 PM

SW Police Precinct, 2300 SW Webster St. (at Delridge Ave SW, next to Home Depot)

6:00-6:30     Arrive early for socializing and networking during setup! 

6:30-7:00    WSBWCN news and updates; interim Crime Prevention Coordinator, Mark Solomon will update us on the Blockwatch program now that Benjamin Kinlow has retired.

7:00-8:00    Featured topic/speaker: Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED),  CPT Officer, Jonathan Kiehn

8:00-8:30    Feel free to stay after the meeting for more socializing and networking!

Hope to see you there!


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