No WSBWCN meeting tomorrow!

Wanted to add a quick note here regarding our West Seattle Blockwatch Captains’ Network meeting schedule. We generally meet on the 4th Tuesday of each month, but we will NOT have a meeting tomorrow. 

In November and December, the 4th Tuesdays fall very close to the holidays; since these are busier times for many of us, we plan to skip meeting then. We’ll resume again in January 2011 – on the 4th Tuesday – which is January 25th.

Feel free to get in touch with us before then if you have suggestions, ideas, questions or concerns. We’ll be online here, on Facebook and on Twitter!


3 thoughts on “No WSBWCN meeting tomorrow!

  1. Hello Block Watch Captain’s Network,
    Our community police office, Jon Kiehn, SPD, just told me about your site.
    I am a West Seattle Block Watch Captain too, and I would like to join your Facebook page but can’t find it. Will you “friend” me – so I can connect up with you all online? I can’t make the meetings on Tuesdays, but would like to join in virtually.
    Thank you,
    Kim Ducote

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