Agenda for tomorrow’s WSBWCN meeting

Following is the agenda for tomorrow’s West Seattle Blockwatch Captains’ Network meeting. 

Socializing & networking 6-6:30
Meeting starts at 6:30 & runs until 8 PM.

Our speaker is Officer Jonathan Kiehn, part of West Seattle’s Community Police Team (CPT). CPT officers do not respond to 911 calls for service and are instead assigned a specific area to focus on long-term, often chronic problems. They patrol many times a day, checking and re-checking known “hot spots”.  He is going to talk to us about their role and how the Blockwatch Captains and the Community Police team can work together to make our communities safer.

If you don’t know who your CPT is, as a Blockwatch Captain you should! They are a great resource and in times of a neighborhood crisis you’ll be glad you know who they are! Come with your questions and plan to take back the information to your groups! 

The meeting is tomorrow, Tuesday, October 26th, at the SW Police Precinct, 2300 SW Webster Street (next to Home Depot). Hope to see you there!


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